Veteran’s Day ~ 2015



Here are a few of the soldiers I have letters from.


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70 Years Ago!



b29_chrysler_assembly_plant770 short years ago, we set off the first nuclear bomb against humanity. Though it did save American lives, it was certainly the start of a different era for mankind.

Shown are some of the people (mostly women my dad told me) putting together the wiring for the B-29 Bomber. Dad was in charge of the electrical wiring that was done in Detroit. He would visit the assembly lines often.

Two things I remember him telling me about the electrical wiring. One was it was mostly women doing the work at Hudson Motors of which my dad was a chief engineer & two the wiring was connected by crimping much the same as is done today by most of us shade tree mechanics when we wire our car trailers or work on the electrical wiring of our cars, boats & recreational vehicles.

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D-Day Week ~ June 1-June 6, 2015

leonard_tomaszewski_memorialday2009I was asked by news director David Lee III if the station could use my audio interview with my dad’s cousin Leonard Tomaszewski, who landed on Omaha Beach at 7 am, June 6, 1944, as part of the 2nd Wave of soldiers. So I thought I would post a link to their activities & the audio of my uncle’s site here. I hope to update this blog during the week.

Here is a link to the D-Day event. D-Day Activities Tallahasse, Florida

And here is a link to the audio recordings of Leonard & myself about his 2nd Wave landing on Omaha Beach. Leonard Tomaszewski ~ D-Day



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GoFundMe ~ I Have Started A Campaign

I have started a campaign to raise money so that I can continue this site. I have not had a lot of donations to keep my Letters site going. I would like to continue this and to offer this free. You see my original idea was to put in book form and then sell a book online, such as Amazon. Then I thought with my web skills and experience why not put on a website. That I did starting in 2008-2009. This has been hard work but enjoyable.

I much rather get new photos and new letters than a check or cash for this site. I can use the pictures and the letters and create more pages and keep the stories going.

But I can’t pay my bills, keep my web hosting and otherwise avoid the tax collector, DSL provider and otherwise take care of my family.

So I am hoping to get some donations to keep this site free, just like the subject of my website is, the letters from soldiers who fought to keep our way of life the way it is, free.

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James Fortune ~ Vietnam Veteran ~ Letters to home

I was given the gift of 35 letters written by soldiers during the Vietnam War. I have started my new section on Vietnam with this letter from January 1969. I thought it would be good to celebrate Christmas remembering this man.


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Kickstarter Project

I have started a new extension to the website. I am opening the site to Vietnam soldier letters. So if you go to you can see what I am trying to do. Please back me if you can. Thank you. “Kickstarter Project – Vietnam Soldier Letters

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D-Day 70 Years Later

My uncle’s cousin Leonard recalled his role, 2nd wave on Omaha Beach.

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World War II Soldier – About Iwa Jima

EE-woo-JEE-mah That is how you say Iwo Jima. It’s in the history books and many a movie describes the WWII story.Iwo Jima

This 89 year old Holly, Michigan man’s story is a MUST see in our Memorial Day Weekend. David H. Langley was at the scene when the famous picture of the soldiers raising the flag on Iwo Jima in February 1945.

Iwo Jima is a small island in the Pacific between the islands of the Allies in Saipan & Tinian & Japan. It is named after the Japanese word “Iwo” for Sulphur. Yellow sulphuric acid rises as a mist, giving that distinct ‘rotton eggs’ smell soldiers would routinely sense.

Iwo Jima was first bombed in Nov. 1944 and it was the Allies plan to gain possession of this small but strategic island. The airfield they could use as a refueling point for bombing missions in Japan made this ‘speck’ of land a ‘giant’!

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Glen Miller A True World War II Hero

Glenn Miller embarked on a plane and flew across the English Channel to France 69 years ago today. He and the crew and their plane have never been found to this day!

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JFK Remembered

I thought it appropriate and proper on this the 50th anniversary of JFK, to mention that President John F. Kennedy was also a World War II hero. When we remember him, we should also remember that he was a part of the ‘Greatest Generation’.

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