GoFundMe ~ I Have Started A Campaign

I have started a campaign to raise money so that I can continue this site. I have not had a lot of donations to keep my Letters site going. I would like to continue this and to offer this free. You see my original idea was to put in book form and then sell a book online, such as Amazon. Then I thought with my web skills and experience why not put on a website. That I did starting in 2008-2009. This has been hard work but enjoyable.

I much rather get new photos and new letters than a check or cash for this site. I can use the pictures and the letters and create more pages and keep the stories going.

But I can’t pay my bills, keep my web hosting and otherwise avoid the tax collector, DSL provider and otherwise take care of my family.

So I am hoping to get some donations to keep this site free, just like the subject of my website is, the letters from soldiers who fought to keep our way of life the way it is, free.

About btcomp

I am a computer developer and web designer. My computer experience and lifestyle is a reflection of my earlier career in medicine, as a practicing Medical Technologist at two prestigious Teaching Hospitals, the University of Florida Shand's Teaching Hospital and the dual universities of Indiana University and Purdue University in Indianapolis, affiliated with the Veteran's Administration Hospital. I went on to learn electronics to supplement my programming training and with this knowledge, training and experience I was able to edit and create reports for a physician's office practice management software company.
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