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I am a computer developer and web designer. My computer experience and lifestyle is a reflection of my earlier career in medicine, as a practicing Medical Technologist at two prestigious Teaching Hospitals, the University of Florida Shand's Teaching Hospital and the dual universities of Indiana University and Purdue University in Indianapolis, affiliated with the Veteran's Administration Hospital. I went on to learn electronics to supplement my programming training and with this knowledge, training and experience I was able to edit and create reports for a physician's office practice management software company.

Veteran’s Day

In memory of my dad & uncle’s cousin Leonard who died a year and a half ago. In honor of his contribution in WWII and his bravery landing at Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944.

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68th Anniversary of Hiroshima

This is the 68th Anniversary of dropping the first nuclear weapon on people. This was the first day of the rest of our dangerous lives!

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Pearl Harbor Day – 71 Year Later

The United States wanted to remain neutral while the war, yet to be called WWII was being fought in Europe. After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor over a million men enlisted to serve in the army. This would be the start … Continue reading

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D-Day 68 Years Later

I am dedicating this day to my late dad’s cousin Leonard Tomaszewski who landed on Omaha Beach 68 years ago today, sick to his stomach and startled that he actually survived as he was part of the second wave that … Continue reading

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Irena Sendlerowa 1910-2008

I recently read about this remarkable woman. This German lady worked as a plumbing / sewer expert during World War II. She worked in the Warsaw Ghetto. She had firsthand knowledge of what the Germans were planning for the Jewish … Continue reading

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Harry Truman Becomes 33rd President of the United States

I was at the Armada, Michigan Flea Market today, the first time I was able to take it all in, and I have been enjoying going there since I came back to Michigan in 1983. The weather has been unusually … Continue reading

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This is a test. Will edit later.

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Christmas in the Aleutians – 1943

One of my favorite letters my uncle wrote, tells the story of Christmas Eve listening to a live broadcast of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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Weather plays a very important part in the outcome of any war. World War II was no different. This picture my wife took the other day made me think of my uncle’s service while he was stationed in the Aleutians. … Continue reading

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69th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Honolulu Paper Senses Impending Disaster Continue reading

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